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Expert Georgetown Automotive Painting Service

After all structural and body damage repairs are completed the vehicle is then carefully inspected for quality, proper fitment of new body panels, and overall workmanship. Once approved, the green light is given to move the vehicle to refinishing. After thorough and meticulous preparation of all areas to be refinished the vehicle is now ready for paint. The vehicle is driven into one of our downdraft spray booths where a quality urethane based paint is applied per factory specification. The finish is then baked on to the vehicle at approximately 160 degrees.

Georgetown – Austin Auto Painting Facility

  • Downdraft paint booth

  • Paintwork conducted by factory trained expert

  • Keeps organic solvent emissions low

  • Superb color match to the existing paint

  • Seamless finish to all surfaces

  • Quickly gives your vehicle a sturdy polish

  • Paintwork equal to series-production standards

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